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Packaging Examples

What we buy-31.png
5L Paint Buckets
15L Paint Buckets
Product Crops-13.jpg
Product Crops-14.jpg
20L Paint Buckets
Product Crops-15.jpg
Product Crops-16.jpg
Product Crops-11.jpg
Product Crops-12.jpg
What we buy-33.png
Product Crops-07.jpg
Product Crops-08.jpg
Round Spreads Containers
Product Crops-01.jpg
Product Crops-02.jpg
1L Yogurt Containers
Product Crops-09.jpg
Product Crops-10.jpg
Ice Cream Containers
Margarine Containers
Product Crops-05.jpg
Product Crops-06.jpg
Square Spreads Containers
Product Crops-03.jpg
Product Crops-04.jpg
What we buy-32.png
Product Crops-17.jpg
Product Crops-18.jpg
20L Industrial Oil Buckets
Product Crops-20.jpg
Product Crops-19.jpg
8kg Chemical Buckets
What we buy-34.png
Product Crops-24.jpg
Product Crops-21.jpg
Vitamin Containers
Product Crops-23.jpg
Product Crops-22.jpg
Fizz Tubes
Product Crops-26.jpg
Product Crops-25.jpg
Pill Bottles
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