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How Reproplast Collective EPR Scheme is innovating closed loop recycling

Now more than ever, it’s vital that businesses and consumers recycle due to the ever-increasing global population and dwindling natural resources.

There are two main types of recycling methods that can be adopted – open loop and closed loop. Open loop recycling converts waste into a different product from its original form.

On the other hand, closed loop is a recycling process through which a manufactured good is recycled back into itself without significant degradation or waste. Closed loop recycling focuses on supply chain sustainability by bringing recycled materials back to the manufacturer to be reused for the same purpose.

The Reproplast Collective EPR Scheme is on a mission to create proper closed loop recycling to give our producers the best quality material for manufacturing. We have identified four core waste streams that will boost demand by creating value for waste, and simplify identification, sorting, and collecting.

This will not only help us reach our legislated recycling targets but also supply superior quality recycled material back to our producers for the manufacture of their products.

We make it easy for waste collectors to know what to look for and what to collect through these identified waste streams. All waste collectors need to do is collect and set aside their waste according to these categories, and we’ll arrange the collection of their waste.

An excellent working example of this is in KZN, where Performance Painting has partnered with the Scheme in the collection, not only of their own paint pails but of other paint contractors too. These paint pails would usually be collected by the municipality at a cost and end up in a landfill. Instead, we’re collecting these paint pails free of charge and sending them straight into our recycling system to make new buckets for the Scheme producer, Pailpac, who manufacture paint buckets for a number of well-known paint brands in South Africa.

Ultimately, the Reproplast Collective EPR Scheme creates high-value products that benefit brand owners, waste collectors, and consumers through our innovative recycling technology.

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